Vendor Application


Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the 2019 Forest Acres Farmers Market. Please read and follow the instructions below.

  1. Please be sure to read Market Rules and Regulations.
  2. Please fill out the application completely. Applications that are not filled out completely will not be considered.

The owners of Richland Mall have graciously waived the market vendor fee for each day you attend the market. Vendors who have dependably participated in the market for the last three years will be given preferential consideration in the assignment of sites. All others will be first come, first served. If all the spaces under the tent are in use, vendors may set up individual tents on the perimeter only in areas designated by the market manager.

Vendors who miss two consecutive markets will lose their assigned space and then be relegated to unassigned spaces.

Power is presently unavailable. Small, quiet generators are permitted as long as they do not create complaints about noise or fumes.

The City of Forest Acres will provide restroom facilities and trash receptacles on market day. Vendors will need to provide all other materials and equipment, such as tables, chairs, signs, tents or canopies, etc.

It is the responsibility of the vendors to notify market management that they will be in attendance. A Vendors’ Meeting is planned for in advance of the start of the market and all vendors must attend the meeting.

The Forest Acres Market will concentrate on the vending of food and produce so arts and crafts vending opportunities will be limited. Artisan vendors who reliably sold during the previous-year market will be offered the first opportunities to sell at the current market. New applicants should send photos and descriptions of their items along with their application.

Any questions can be directed to Leigh Ann Poston

Rules & Regulations

  1. Sellers must reside within the state of South Carolina and make their own arrangements for state retail licenses, and comply with any SC DHEC or Richland Health Department regulations that may apply to the products they are vending. The City of Forest Acres has no knowledge of such requirements and assumes no responsibility for the vendor’s compliance with the same. However, if the City becomes aware that a vendor is in violation, he or she may be asked to leave.
  2. Sellers who are original producers of the items being sold will be preferred over re-sellers.
  3. Sellers must have an application approved by the City of Forest Acres at least one week before they plan to begin selling at the Farmers Market.
  4. The market will operate from 1:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Wednesdays on Beltline Blvd. at the south end of Richland Mall (between the mall and restauraunt). . Sellers must arrive early enough to ensure that they are completely set up and ready for business by opening time of the market; there may be no ability to drive through the market area once it is underway. Vendors who repeatedly arrive late for the market will be asked to leave.
  5. All food items to be sold must meet state and local health regulations. All produce must be of top quality.
  6. No animals may be sold or given away at market.
  7. Prices must be posted for all items sold.
  8. Each seller is responsible for cleaning up his/her immediate area; vendors who produce unusually loud noises or noxious odors will be asked to leave and banned from further markets.
  9. Sellers should not move their vehicles in or out of the market area when such movement would pose a danger to people in the shopping area.
  10. All crafts to be sold must be pre-approved by the City. Photos and descriptions of crafts should be included when you return your application. This is not a “flea market” and merchandise similar to a flea market will not be allowed.
  11. Artisans who actually create or demonstrate at the market will be given preference over vendors with only static display of merchandise.
  12. The market selects for consideration only original art and applied crafts that are self-produced, handcrafted and of high quality workmanship while avoiding too much duplication of any given category (fine art, jewelry, textiles, ceramics). The component materials must be sufficiently modified from their original state to demonstrate true craftsmanship.
  13. Bonafide farmers may sell their produce through representatives provided such substitutes are knowledgeable of the produce being sold and possesses signed authorization from the farmer to vend his or her produce.
  14. Sales tables, trucks and trailers must be fit within the sales space being provided, boundary lines under the tent are roughly 1 parking space deep on each side of the tent in order to create a corridor for patrons to walk through under the tent.
  15. Membership in the Certified South Carolina Program is made by application to and acceptance by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. All farm producers, food manufacturers, specialty food producers, packing facilities and others engaged in the production or manufacture of agricultural products in South Carolina are eligible to apply.
    Certified South Carolina Grown
    To be eligible to use the Certified South Carolina Grown logo, the producer shall complete a list of all products he/she grows in South Carolina and wishes to list as Certified SC Grown for approval by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. All items that shall bear or potentially bear the logo or potentially be included in promotional efforts shall be included on the application form and approved by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. Any new items must be sent to the SCDA for approval to update a member product listing. The member shall agree that the SC Grown logo shall only be used on first quality products, grown in South Carolina, that meet the US #1 Quality Grade Standard, or higher U.S. Grade Standards, whichever is the accepted USDA industry grade standard for that commodity. The logo shall not be used on secondary labels or cull products.
    Certified South Carolina Product
    Products that are eligible for inclusion in the program include agricultural products and food products that are manufactured or processed in the state that may or may not always include ingredients grown exclusively in South Carolina. This includes value-added products, manufactured food products, and other agricultural products that may be further sorted, graded, blended, processed and packaged, in South Carolina. In addition, Specialty agricultural food businesses located in South Carolina may have an exclusive recipe manufactured in another state, under the South Carolina address and company label, and be eligible for membership in the program. All items that shall bear or potentially bear the logo or potentially be included in promotional efforts shall be included on the application form and approved by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. Any new items must be sent to the SCDA for approval to update a member product listing. All products must meet the accepted USDA or FDA industry standards for the product, whichever is appropriate. Any processed, cooked or manufactured item must be produced and packaged to accepted industry standards in an approved kitchen or facility.
  16. Growers selling products labeled as ORGANIC must be in compliance with the National Organic Program and have appropriate documentation to prove this.
  17. Vendors may partner with other local farmers to bring their product to market.
  18. Vendors are highly encouraged to obtain liability insurance for the products they sell. The City of Forest Acres does not provide insurance coverage for vendors participating in the market.
  19. Any scale used for determining price must display a current SC Dept. of Agriculture standards division administered legal inspection sticker.
  20. Vendors should operate their business in a professional manner at all times.
  21. This is not a discount market. Anyone engaging in price wars will be removed from the market.
  22. All vendors must display an attractive and visible sign at their space containing their business name and location.
  23. Selected vendors who miss two consecutive Wednesday markets in a row may lose their space.
  24. The Forest Acres Farmers Market reserves the right to utilize substitute vendors.
  25. Substitute vendors are subject to the same rules as all vendors participating in The Farmers Market.
  26. The Farmers Market will close if hazardous weather conditions are imminent.
  27. Rules for the market are created by the City of Forest Acres, and may be modified as needed without prior notice.